Student Sign-In Tips

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Student missing from Sign In or Student can't re-join

The student's status must be Awaiting Student in order to appear. On your Proctor console, select an action depending on the Status:

  • Confirmed: Choose Select Action > Do Not Confirm (you will confirm again later)
  • Testing: Choose Select Action > Suspend 
    • Once suspended, choose Select Action > Test Again
  • Suspended: Choose Select Action > Test Again 

Ask the student to log in again, and then confirm as usual.

Wrong test assigned—how do I switch tests?

  1. Select the student and click Select Action
  2. If the status is To Be Confirmed, choose Do Not Confirm
  3. If the status is Testing, choose either Suspend or Terminate:
    • Use Suspend if the student might need to take the test later this term.
    • Use Terminate if you know the student will not need the test later this term. Caution: Terminate removes all responses and potentially blocks students from joining that test for the rest of the term.
  4. Click Select Action > Test Again
  5. When the status changes to Awaiting Student, assign the correct test.
  6. Have the student sign in again.

If “Action Needed to Continue” appears

The options you have include:

  • Resume Test: Continues a suspended test.
  • Start Test Over: Starts the test over from the first question and terminates the original test, discarding any answers given. Use caution because it could also block the student from testing if the test has the Once Per Term restriction.
  • Do Not Confirm: Terminates the original test and restricts the student from taking the test again this term.
  • Cancel: Will close this prompt and you still cannot confirm the student
  • for testing

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