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Modified on Mon, 24 Jul, 2023 at 9:08 PM

Overview of Notifications

For General Announcements, you can select Digest, Instant, or choose to turn off notifications altogether (excluding emergency alerts and notices) for email, text, and app notifications.

Notification types include:

  • Urgent Smart Alerts & Notices includes any urgent alerts, attendance notices, and auto notices marked as critical notices (cannot be disabled).
  • General Announcements & Messages includes any posts, direct messages and reminders.
  • School Alerts includes any Smart Alerts and other student notices.

Under General Announcements, you can select when you want to receive notifications for posts. Select Off, Instant or Digest notifications.

  • Off: no notifications about posts will be sent to you. Emergency Alerts and Notices will still be sent. School Alerts will still be sent if turned on.
  • Instant: you'll receive an email and/or text and/or an app notification every time a notice or message is sent.
  • Digest: you'll receive an email and/or text and/or an app notification once a day in the evening with all posts from that day.

The default setting is typically Digest, so that you receive all notices and post messages in one convenient notification once a day. All emergency notifications still come through instantly, and a school can override settings as needed for an urgent message. If you choose Instant notifications, and have multiple children in multiple schools, that can add up to a lot of messages.

Update your Notification Setting (using mobile app)

  1. From home screen tap the triple bar menu at top left.
  2. Select Account and then Notifications.

    notifications_home_iOS_b.png notifications_setting_iOS_c.png

  3. Select how you want to be notified at each school.
    - Turn OFF Custom Settings to use the same notification settings for all schools.
    - Turn ON Custom Settings to set different notifications at each school.
  4. Toggle on or off to receive Email, Text and/or App Notifications.
  5. Select Instant or Digest for each mode. Note: Digest is recommended – you will receive one notification per day, for all posts, in the evening.

    notifications_custom_off_iOS.png notifications_custom_on_iOS.png

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